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Newtown casino is one of the oldest brand names yet trendy online casino in Malaysia that power-driven by Playtech and Microgaming. It has been selected by our gaming team as one of the core casino games and players’ priority choice. Without any doubt, reason behind selection of Newtown casino is mainly due to its excessive popularity over years in online casino industry, especially in Malaysia.

Speaking of the longest history online casino game, Newtown casino was among the few that could outclass other casino platforms. Its roulette games are extremely famous among gambling communities until today. Seamless live streaming from casino studio with a few viewing angle options brought extra excitement to all players.

Thus, gambler tends to place their bet in Newtown casino games rather than other casino platforms. Its reputation as the pioneer of online casino is somewhat obvious and the gaming quality that provided was certainly one the best in Malaysia.

Newtown casino offers a wide range of casino games from live games to video slots games. Any games that you enjoy at land based casino, you can find it here as well. Newtown casino has more than 100 choices of slot games that covered from 2D classic slot to newly developed 3D animated slot. If you are a fan of slot games, this is the exact place for you.

Besides from classic slots, it offers numerous progressive slot games for you too. Newtown casino introduces new progressive slot on monthly basis. Hence, new progressive game with famous movie theme can often be seen on new slot list. They are among the most popular slots in the city owing to consistently updating fresh gaming content. So, it comes as no surprise to notice that progressive price pool regularly skyrocket up to millions of ringgit Malaysia.

If you are more attentive to live casino games, Newtown live casino games are here for you too! It offers different tables of baccarat, blackjack, roulette, and the recently introduced sic bo game. The flexibility of Newtown casino is well notable as players are allowed to bet from minimum RM 2 on roulette table and RM 8 on blackjack. On the other hand, players allowed to bet up to RM 4000 per hand in certain game. This betting system is special designed from Newtown casino gaming team so that its games are suitable for both betting for leisure and hard core gamblers.

Now, Newtown casino English is available in mobile! You can download Newtown to your PC or download its apps in any android device. Please refer to our Newtown casino download link above. Do not hesitate to download it today and register with us. Have fun gaming!




13 reviews

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