SKY99 Casino

SKY99 has been one of the bigger gaming name in Malaysia since a few years ago. There are more than 50 games available in SKY99 including the famous monkey thunderbolt and Wu-Kong series. These two games are popular among young player especially those who fancy slot games. The games largely popular among young players because they stand a chance to win huge prize from these games by wagering just small amount of money.

Besides these two games, SKY99 shall not disappoint you if you prefer something less conventional. We have fishing games, arcade games and lots of other mini games as well. These games would win you some hard cold cash and at the same time provide some sort of high level entertainment assisting you to chill out, stay away from the hectic workplace. If you find that traditional casino gaming has been too boring for you, SKY99 is exactly what you should be consider playing.

SKY99 is available on both android and IOS. You may download the app from the link on top of the page and it works on both android and IOS respectively. If you haven’t registered with us yet, please register at our website or you may contact our live chat if you require any assistance. We would love to help you to get started with this hot selling game.

SKY99 has simplified gaming control systems that are seen as more user friendly to most of the players out there. The technology that applied on the gaming app requires less update from time to time. Gaming server is prepared to cope with millions of online players. One may find difficulties surfing the net from a mobile phone but arguably no one would have issue playing SKY99 on mobile phone. The gaming layout is greatly designed to provide users next level of easy gaming. Gaming graphic is also one of the aspect that emphasized by the team. SKY99 wants to bring out one the most sophisticated gaming app in the market.